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from the very minute i put dyes onto silk, i knew i was seduced into a world that i little understood but loved. while now i have a better understanding of how dyes and paints effect the materials i work with, my excitement hasn’t changed much in the intervening years – and that’s a good thing because it keeps my interest alive and my spirit to experiment ever present.

it is always challenging to use materials like silk and cotton as a substrate, planning the combination fabric weight, color palette, dyes and paints with personal imagery - layering one on top of the other - like leaves resting after an autumn rainfall. the complexity of layering is accomplished with fine textile paints, inks and dyes along with my own unique toolbox of silkscreens, stamps, crayons, drawing implements and repurposed materials.

recently, i’ve spent many days and weeks studying color, light and vision - perceptions of our world – and how those elements create unique experiences for me as an artist and also you as a viewer, as i hope you lose yourself in the wonderment of the imagery.
the disintegration and reintegration of found and new elements propels me into spaces i can’t always predict! i hope you’ll travel with me on my journey and i would love to hear from you as we explore the great unknown together.

© 2011 ann graham | all rights reserved

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